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Kenny Cordray is one of the greatest blues and rock players I’ve ever

-Jaco Pastorious

South Texas. Humidity, sweat, BBQ and of course, Blues. Kenny Cordray is
the embodiment of the heart and soul of South Texas music. A gifted and
eloquent musician, Kenny has shared the stage with some of music’s
greatest artists including Wayne Cochran and the CC Riders, Jaco Pastorius
John Mayall, John Lee Hooker, Billy Gibbons, Jerry Lee Lewis and many
more. Starting out in the late sixties, a teenaged Kenny quickly joined The
Children as their lead guitarist. The band quickly gained a reputation in the
Houston music scene and later got signed to ATCO Records (a subsidiary
record label of Atlantic Records) and then onto ODE Records, where they
were produced by Lou Adler. Adler, who can now be seen courtside next to
Jack Nicholson at Lakers games, was a prominent pop music entrepreneur
from the late fifties up until the mid seventies working along with high
ranking acts such as Carole King, The Mamas and Papas, Spirit and the
Monterrey Pop Festival. After playing with The Children, Kenny started
pursuing a solo career as a guitarist. It didn’t take long for the music
industry to take notice of his prodigious guitar talent, as he started making
guest appearances with a slew of famous recording artists. His
collaborations eventually led to the most ground-breaking point in his career
where he co-wrote one of ZZ Top’s most famous songs, Francine. A song about
teenage lust, it eschews charm for raunchy blues licks and notably began Rio
Grande Mud when it was released in 197, and released in 1990 becoming ZZ
Top’s first chart topping hit. What followed was a whirlwind of serious
collaborations; notably, when Jaco Pastorious and Charles M. Brent Jr.
tapped Kenny for The Wayne Cochran and C.C. Rider band. After becoming a
permanent member of the C.C. Riders, Kenny embarked on a new
collaboration with one of the grandfather’s of rock and roll, Jerry Lee Lewis.
Kenny was featured in Lewis’ band in an episode of The Midnight Special and In
Concert. During this time, Kenny was also able to work with legendary
producer David Foster in the band Skylark. Skylark was one of the early-
recorded works of Foster, who eventually went on to write and produce
Grammy-winning artists as Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston and Celine
Deon. With Skylark, another hit single was born in Wildflower. It didn’t take long
until Kenny returned back to the music scene with full force that he met up
with two incredible musicians Dave Foster and Todd Harrison who are both A-
list session players and veterans of the Monteux Jazz Festival in addition to
being featured rhythm musicians for the band Cold Sweat. Kenny joined the
band picking up right where he left off, and soon thereafter formed a new
group in 1991 called Civilians and opened for one of the ultimate rock bands
of all time, Cheap Trick. A few years followed where Kenny, Dave and Todd
continued to hone their craft and their band Kenny Cordray and Blue
Science, releasing two albums. Love Street Light Circus Feel Good Machine marks
Kenny’s return to his Rock roots in 2004. Recorded at his home studio in
early 2004 and mixed at the legendary SugarHill Recording Studios, with
engineer Andy Bradley, the album pays homage to Kenny’s blues/rock guitar
roots and features a variety of guest performances by local Houston artists,
including: Tommie Lee Bradley (vocals), Kelly Dean (saxophone), Ian Varley
(keyboards), Ralz Mathias (vocals), Louis Cabaza (piano) and Todd Harrison
(drums). After finishing the Love Street album, Kenny started RockCamp Live in
Houston. He opened Rock Camp Live in 2005 which puts teenagers of all skill
types into bands and gives them a two-week instructional course in rocking,
then getting them on stage to show off their stuff. Each year with Rock Camp
is a new experience for Kenny and seeing the faces of kids who thought they
could never play on stage brings Kenny a lot of joy. In Feb.2012 Kenny
Cordray and Love Street released “It Takes Everything’’ a ten song album featuring Mark
Campbell, Mark Andes, Tyson Sheth, Paul English Gianna Welling, Charles Stewart, Brennen Nace ,
and Louis Cabaza. The album took 3 ½ years to complete and was recorded at Sugarhill studios in
Houston, Texas. The album was mixed by Andy Bradley and mastered at Tera Nova in Austin Texas by
Jerry Tub. Kenny co-wrote the first single “License To Love” for the Champion
Sisters new album “Unfit To Be Tied” In 2013 Kenny started working on a
new project with Mark Campbell of Jack Mack &The Heart Attack and Allyn
Robinson, a storied New Orleans drummer. They call it CRC.


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